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Family Law

Divorce is an incredibly difficult experience, and our family lawyers understand that your divorce is more than paperwork and lists of property and obligations. It is an extremely personal experience, fraught with emotion that can cloud judgment. We work to support you throughout your case by providing qualified and thorough legal representation to ensure that agreements reached in your divorce are those that can withstand legal scrutiny and are enforceable over the long term.

Civil Litigation

Civil law covers any non-criminal legal issue that happens to individuals. Some of these matters, such as estate planning, are simple issues that are resolved without an opposing party. Most others, however, involve some kind of dispute resolution, such as mediation or arbitration. The majority of legal issues are resolved in this way before courts. Matters that are sent through the court system are then fought with litigation. This includes anything from divorce and child custody proceedings, probate, will contests, personal contract disputes, and appeals. With our San Antonio attorneys’ experience in a variety of courtrooms, our litigation practice has helped members of our community conclude their legal battles and move forward, knowing they achieved the best outcome possible for their particular case.

Personal Injury

Our Personal Injury Lawyers have helped Plaintiffs recover their damages from at-fault drivers.  Our attorneys can obtain the best value for your vehicle and assist you in the recovery of money for both your physical and emotional injuries that you my encounter in an automobile accident.  Maldonado Law Group is dedicated to helping you in this unfortunate and stressful time in your life by handling your claim from start to finish.

Criminal Law

It is in your best interest to consult a criminal defense attorney before you speak with police at all. If you are asked to go to the police station to answer questions, ask if you are under arrest. If not, make an appointment to meet with the officers at the police station the next morning and bring one of us with you. The best case scenario is that you do not need representation to protect your rights. The worst case scenario is that they suspect you of a crime and are already finding evidence to build a case against you. If you are in the worst case scenario, you may start answering questions without realizing the full impact of your responses on your situation.

Immigration Law

Immigration is a Federal issue which allow us to handle immigration matters in any state you, your family or friends may need assistance in.  Our attorneys can defend you in a deportation matter, help you obtain citizenship, petition for your loved ones, and assist in various other immigration matters that you may need legal representation.

Business and Government Law

Different employers have different regulations to which they must adhere. Maldonado Law Group’s experience within government law and civil litigation allows us to handle employment law claims in the public and private sectors. The procedural nuance in government and administrative law is much different from civil and criminal matters, and requires a practiced hand. Maldonado Law Group fits that bill.

Probate and Estate Law

Our attorneys can assist you in your estate planning for you and your family.  We provide you with packages that include your WILL, Power of Attorney, Medical Power of Attorney, and Health Care Elective.  If you need assistance in the final affairs of your deceased loved one, we are dedicated to assist you through very specific matters and provide assistance through the entire process.  We understand the emotions that you will encounter through this process and we are here to assist you as best as possible.



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